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The benefits of choosing Greenblock  

Modern Improvements- Greenblock ticks the boxes to improve on traditional problems associated with masonry construction. Problems associated with concrete block walls such as hold ups from weather, cracking, limited design and efflorecsence are all problems of the past with Greenblock. We could almost guarantee that there is a failed concrete block wall within 5km of any suburban house that is under 2 years old or an alternative that anyone can tell is obviously not a block wall simply by looking at it.

Reduced construction time - The fact that Greenblock panels are pre-manufactured in the factory means that the construction time on site is greatly reduced. With an average wall only taking one day to install and ready for coating the next day.

Lightweight - Can easily be handled by two people.

Superior Impact resistance- Greenblock can handle the same impact that a concrete block wall can. What can put a hole in a block wall will put a hole in a Greenblock wall, and what will not put a hole in a block wall will not put a hole in a Greenblock wall. In the event that patching is required the same patching procedures apply for both concrete block and Greenblock, the same cannot be said for fibre cement clad systems. One major advantage of Greenblock in the event of severe mechanical damage is that it will not kill someone with falling concrete and there are no blocks to knock loose or fibre cement to delaminate.

Beautiful designs-  Many of our customers own walls that are not possible in block. We at Greenblock love original designs and also have a design service with 3D modeling on offer. We can incorporate recessed  design features or street letttering, grooves, cut outs, protrusions and together with some of the fixtures below make for stand out designer fences.

Unlimited Fixtures- Greenblock can accomodate gates, water features, lights, intercoms, stone, letterboxes, gate house roofs, screen inserts etc. The sky is the limit regarding fixtures.

High performance- Will not crack even in the most reactive soils, handles more load than a block wall in a retaining wall situation, over 500kg more. Greenblock will never crack even on the corners  if the correct procedure is followed.

Privacy ensured- Superior accoustic values reaching a weighted sound index of,  RW 58 ctr 6. To put that into perspective houses on main roads require RW 35 usually and hospitals require RW 44, our rating is massive and makes a considerable difference due to the sheer thickness of the panels. Greenblock walls are constructed  200mm thick  are seamless when finished and have no cavity at all, nothing else comes close. 

View a clip of one of our durability/comparison tests below

Who hasn' seen this? Cracked walls promoting water ingress leading to unsightly efflorescence no matter how big the footing is.
Concrete Block was the best option once upon a time. Efflorescence is not possible with Greenblock
This wall is less than 4 years old and is completely filled with concrete, not selectivley filled like most fences that are far more advanced in failure.
Other alternatives often attempt to copy the classic look of a block wall but often fail. Most give a modular look with "busy" looking posts, capping blocks, failing to achieve the seamless look of a block wall. All of them have a gap underneath and are subject to individual footings and at the mercy of reactive soils due to a cladding being laminated to polystyrene rather than a full re-enforced render.
The Greenblock system attracted interest in this case as access for a machine was impossible and the mess from blocklayers was not an option. Not to mention handover was two days away